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Industrial designs are a crucial asset for any company seeking to differentiate itself in the market. Protecting these designs not only safeguards your creativity, but also contributes to the value and competitiveness of your trademark.

In this article, we will explore the best practices for protecting your designs and how these strategies can boost your business.

What are industrial designs and their importance and significance?

Industrial designs refer to the aesthetic or decorative appearance of an article that may include shape, color, texture or materials. The protection of these designs is vital, as it prevents third parties from using them without authorization, thus maintaining the uniqueness and value of your products in the market.

How to protect your industrial designs

Protecting your industrial designs is essential to maintain your competitive advantage and foster innovation within your company. Implementing a solid protection strategy not only safeguards your creations, but also maximizes their economic and strategic value.

Getting off on the right foot in protecting your designs can be the catalyst for the growth and sustained success of your business.

Industrial Design Registration

Registration is the crucial first step. This process grants an exclusive right that prevents others from using your design without consent. In other words, you will have a patent on it. In this section of our website we will detail how you can register your designs, the necessary documents and tips for a successful process.

Effective strategies for industrial design protection

Beyond registration, there are additional strategies to maximize the protection of your designs. From active tracking to enforcement, we will explore how you can secure and defend your designs against infringement.

Monetization and licensing of industrial designs

Protecting your designs also opens up opportunities for monetization. We'll show you how to license your designs to third parties and generate additional revenue, while maintaining control over their use.

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