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The increasing globalization of the market through the Internet for goods and services is a reality for all individuals and companies. Therefore, registering and renewing your domain name is a must for your business, or your organization as they are the basis of your effective online presence which is crucial as they serve to improve your promotion and exposure of your website on the World Wide Web. Besides, it is imperative to protect your domain by registering your brand name as a trademark, since a domain name is merely an address and a unique identifier on the Internet, which is necessary to reach another person or company on the Internet, but no exclusive right is conferred by the registration of the domain per se.

You can register a domain name for your business or interests by selecting a name, the desired generic or country code extension, contacting a registrar, and paying a small fee.

Administrative Bodies and Sponsoring Organizations.

– 1. International. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the administrative body ruling domain extensions in the Internet and also coordinates the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) managing key technical services and functions, such as the DNS Root Zone assignments of country code and generic top level domains (ccTLDs and gTLDs) and organizes delegations in accordance with its policies and procedures. – 2. Spain (dotES). The Spanish public entity ( manages the Internet Domain Names Registry under the country code TLD .ES www.dominios.es3. European Union. The EURid is the registry that manages the .EU country code TLD

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) (

For domain name matters, we coordinate and work closely with accredited ICANN registrars for .ES (dotES) and .EU (dotEU), PuntCAT, DotMobi, DotAsia, Telnic, DotMe, Nominet, DnsPT, .CM, ICM Registry and Afnic that provide fast and cost-effective domain name registration for our clients with good pricing on many ccTLDs and on all gTLDs and a commitment to high quality customer service. Our partner registrars also provide clients with supplementary legal services and technical tools linked to domains, as follows:

ICANN registrar.ES (dotES) registrar.EU (dotEU) registrar

  • Domain Registration.
  • Domain Name Renewals.
  • Domain Name Suggestion.
  • Domain Name Transfers.
  • Domain Verification.
  • WhoIs Searches.
  • Bulk Domain NameSearches.
  • Expiring DomainsWatching.
  • New Domains Watching.
  • Domain Extensions.
  • DNS Management.
  • Web Hosting and Housing Plans.
  • Email Services.
  • Antivirus Solutions.
  • Backup Services.
  • Google Apps.
  • VPNs.
  • SSL Certificates.
  • Negotiation andResolution of Disputes.

Negotiations and Mediation.

Anonymous service for negotiating the lowest price as possible, purchasing and transferring a given registered domain nameby other,without revealing the true identity of the stakeholder.

Disputes. Arbitration and Mediation. – 1. gTLDs. The representation before the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center for recovering an internet domain name under some generic extensions for resolving domain name disputes under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP), without the need for court litigation. – 2. Spanish dotES. The representation before the Public Entity to recover a .ES domain name under the Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution System.

-Abecsa directly can handle the following:

Associated Trademark Registration.

The registration of a domain names do not give you any proprietary rights as they are unique names that correspond with an Internet Protocol address. For this reason, we can plan, assist and manage the trademark registration process so your domain name achieves the correct trademark protection according to its intended use.


We directly represent and provide clients, either the claimant or the defendant with legal assistance before the competent Spanish Commercial Court against the unauthorized registration and unlawful use by third parties of a .ES domain name which has been trademarked. Likewise, we can take legal action against piracy of copyrighted texts and media content used, disclosed or hosted by others within a website of a domain address. We always review each matter before we plan the strategy, fix budgets and start any court action.

Some of the following generic top level domains are approved by the ICANNMost Common Domain Extensions.

.AERO is reserved for the global aviation community and air transport industry.

.ASIA is reserved for the Pan-Asia and Asia Pacific region.

.BIZ is restricted to businesses.

.COM is the most popular of all gTLDs and is used to designate a commercial company.

.COOP is reserved for cooperatives.

.INFO is for information.

.JOBS is reserved for the human resource management community.

.MOBI is reserved for consumers and providers of mobile products and services.

.MUSEUM is restricted to museums and related persons.

.NAME is restricted to individuals.

.NETis typically used for networking organizations.

.ORGis typically used for non-profit organizations.

.PRO is restricted to licensed professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, physicians, etc.

.TEL is reserved for individuals and businesses to store and manage their contact information in the DNS.

.TRAVEL is reserved for entities whose area of activity is in the travel industry.

.XXX is reserved for online adult entertainment.

.CAT is reserved for the Catalan linguistic and cultural community, in Catalonia, Spain.

.EUS is reserved for the Basque linguistic and cultural community, in Euskadi, Spain

.GAL is reserved for the Galician linguistic and cultural community, in Galicia, Spain


These are the list of available and upcoming generic TLDs classified by category, areas of activity, products and interests.



Beauty and Fashion


Business Entities






Companies and Brands








Games and Gambling


Geo Cultural




Music and Art


Computing and Tech


Finance and Insurance


News and Information


People and Lifestyle






Real Estate








Travel and Leisure




IDNs non Ascii

.العليان .健康 .みんな .大众汽车 .大拿 .नेट .天主教 .संगठन .कॉम .娱乐 .家電 .工行 .中信 .中文网 .世界 .คอม .一号店 .广州 .广东 .亚马逊 .企业 .佛山 .微博 .信息 .在线 .ポイント .ファッション .嘉里 .嘉里大酒店 .アマゾン .クラウド .グーグル .コム .ストア .セール .商城 .商店 .商标 .八卦 .公司 .公益 .珠宝 .移动 .网址 .网店 .网站 .网络 .点看 .盛貿飯店 .盛贸饭店 .联通 .食品 .飞利浦 .餐厅 .香格里拉 .香港電訊 .诺基亚 .谷歌 .购物 .點看 .닷넷 .닷컴 .電訊盈科 .集团 .通用电气公司 .通販 .삼성 .САЙТ .РУС .كيوتل .كوم .كاثوليك .همراه .موقع .موبايلي .موزايك .欧莱雅 .淡马锡 .深圳 .游戏 .机构 .机构体制 .我爱你 .新闻 .时尚 .政务 .政府 .慈善 .手表 .手机 .招聘 .書籍 .普利司通 .ДЕТИ .КАТОЛИК .КОМ .МОСКВА .ОРГ .ОНЛАЙН .קוֹם .ابوظبي .اتصالات .ارامكو .بيتك .بازار .شبكة .عرب

.AC Ascension Island

.AE United Arab Emirates

.AG Antigua and Barbuda

.AM Armenia

.AO Angola

.AS American Samoa

.AU Australia

.BM Bermuda

.BO Bolivia

.BR Brazil

.BS Bahamas

.BZ Belize

.CC Cocos Islands

.CD Democratic Republic of the Congo

.CH Switzerland

.CO Colombia

.CR Costa Rica

.CY Cyprus

.DJ Djibouti

.DO Dominican Republic

.EC Ecuador

.ES Spain

.FJ Fiji

.FM Micronesia

.FR France

.GD Grenada

.GQ Equatorial Guinea

.GT Guatemala

.HN Honduras

.IE Ireland

.IO British Indian Ocean Territory

.IR Islamic Republic of Iran

.KI Kiribati

.KY Cayman Islands

.LA Lao People’s Democratic Republic

.LC Saint Lucia

.LI Liechtenstein

.MA Morocco

.MD Republic of Moldova

.ME Montenegro

.ML Mali

.MP Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

.MW Malawi

.MX Mexico

.NL Netherlands

.NR Nauru

.NU Niue

.PA Panama

.PE Peru

.PH Philippines

.PK Pakistan

.PL Poland

.PN Pitcairn Islands

.PR Puerto Rico

.PW Palau

.QA Qatar

.RE Reunion Island

.RO Romania

.SC Seychelles

.SH St. Helena

.SL Sierra Leone

.SO Somalia

.TJ Tajikistan

.TK Tokelau

.TM Turkmenistan

.TT Trinidad and Tobago

.TV Tuvalu

.TZ United Republic of Tanzania

.UG Uganda

.VE Venezuela

.VG Virgin Islands

.WS Samoa


dominios .ES

Register Your .ES Domain Name Now!

AGENTE REGISTRADOR .ESYou can register your Spanish dotES domain name whether a”.ES” or “.COM.ES” if your are an individual, legal entity or organization from anywhere in the world with commercial, cultural, historical or social interests or ties to Spain. Additionally, individuals or entities may register a “.NOM.ES” domain. Non-profit making entities, institutions or groups, may register a “.ORG.ES” domain. Only Spanish Public Administrations and the Public Law entities can register a “.GOB.ES” domain. Officially recognized Entities, institutions and groups undertaking education or research activities in Spain may register a “.EDU.ES” domain.

Register Your .EU Domain Name Now!

domain register .EU

You can register Europe’s dotEU domain if you are an individual, company or organization based in any country of the European Union, including Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway.



Requirements to Register a Spanish Domain dotES or a European dotEU:

  • The full name, address and details of the registrant-owner.
  • Thenationality or country of establishment of the registrant-owner.
  • VAT Number (NIF/NIE), only if the applicant is Spanish or established in a country of the EU.
  • The full name, address and details of the administrative contact.
  • Details of the domain name, country code and/or generic top level domain extension(s).
  • Your instructions on how we should proceed and approval of the likely costs.
  • Your payment by credit card or bank transfer.


Contact us

via our contact form if you need advice and suggestions on domain name matters such as:

  • Registering your domain name under any of the diverse generic or country code TLDs, including the .ES and .EU.
  • Protecting your domain by trademarking your brand name in Spain, Europe or in multiple countries to acquire proprietary rights.
  • Renewing your domain names annually, biannually or for longer terms.
  • Transferring your domain names to others.
  • Transferring your domain names to a reliable and cost-effective registrar.
  • Recovering your domain name which has been registered by other.
  • Defending your domainthrough a URDP or Spanish Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution System from recovery actions initiated by others.
  • Taking legal action against another person or company whose registered domain is infringing your trademark or copyrights in Spain or in Europe.
  • Receiving updated information and watching services about expiring domains, new likely conflicting domains, and new domain extensions.