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Abecsa is a registered Spanish IP firm and agency that specializes in all areas of intellectual property advice for the registration and prosecution of trademarks, patents, designs, domain names and copyright registration. We are dedicated to maximizing the value and security of our clients’ intellectual property assets, according to their protection strategies, by offering the needed advice and assistance in meeting their objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We offer fixed fees for filings of all types of IP rights as well as for the handled associated matters.

ABECSA Patents & Trademarks is the result of a professional association with the firm partners of Sanz-Bermell Internacional, whose reputation and experience in the Intellectual Property area dates back to 1955, having a very high level of satisfied Spanish and overseas clients.


IP Protection in Spain and Europe

We specialize in the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Spain, Europe and Internationally, including patent protection for inventions; trademark registration for distinctive signs; and design rights for the outward appearance of products, both registered and unregistered. We work closely with businesses (individuals, Start-Ups, SMEs, large corporations and public universities) across a wide variety of industries, tailoring solutions to meet their particular needs and stage of development.

In enforcement, we act either for the claimant or the defendant in patent, trademark and design right infringement proceedings and unfair competition acts.


Practice Areas (our Value-Added Services)

Abecsa’s Value-Added Services

We are concerned that filing for national and international protection can be expensive. However, failing to take an adequate and timely action to protect your intellectual property rights could threaten your business and also prevent any further realization of your intended protection. For that reason, it is in our firm’s best interests to develop an overall intellectual property protection strategy according to your business needs as well as to assist you and take the needed action when your IP rights are being used by others without your consent. Our priorities are to know your business and provide you with our needed value-added advice so that we can be part of the successful results obtained.

Our practice in all areas of Intellectual Property advice and registration is particularly;

Distinctive Signs

Registered Trademarks

Trademark Registration in Spain before SPTO-OEPM, in the European Union (EUTM) via EUIPO, InterTrademark Registrationnational Registrations through WIPO (International trademarks of the Madrid System) and worldwide filing and prosecution abroad, by counseling clients for their IP protection, prosecuting and managing their trademark rights. Besides, we conduct prior search opinions, render registrability reports for trademarks and trade names and watch services alerting of new potentially conflicting TM applications, to be challenged within the established time limit.


Inventions.  Patent Protection and Validation

Patent Protection and Validation

Preparation, drafting, filing and prosecution of patent applications in Spain (OEPM), Europe (EPO), International PCT patent applications (WIPO), and national/regional phase entries in multiple countries worldwide, as well as for validating granted EP patents in Spain, counseling andPublic Domain helping our clients establish, enforce and challenge patent rights. We also conduct prior art and patentability searches and opinions, validity analyses as well as freedom to operate evaluations. We also conduct value technical translations into the most common languages: English, German, French and Spanish to avoid any weakness in the resulting patent protection.



Registered Designs

Design Registration

Design Registration in Spain (OEPM), registered community designs RCD in the EU (EUIPO), International Design Registration of the Hague System (WIPO) and worldwide, undertaking the drafting, filing and prosecution of design registrations.



Copyright and Sui Generis Rights

Copyright and Sui Generis Rights


We assist clients and provide copyright registration services in Spain (RTPI) by filing the needed copyright deposit in Spain for literary and artistic works; such as books, musical compositions, audio or video recordings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, architectural works, websites and computer software including “sui generis” rights for data bases, ensuring the investment and effort that has been made in compiling a database get recognized and by getting the rights protected in the states of the Berne Convention.


Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

We can provide you with our domain name registration services under the most common gTLD and ccTLD extensions. We also secure and protect your interests in the Internet, as domains interconnect with intellectual property rights and are relevant in representing your brand, business and your copyrights.


IP Portfolio Management

Search, Planning and IP Portfolio Management

IP Portfolio Management

After filing any type of right, a continuous assistance to our clients will be provided in all services related to the creation, protection, assessment and maintenance of their portfolio of Intellectual Property rights. We provide with all needed procedural guidance in Spain and in Europe.


Renewals and Maintenance

Renewals and Maintenance

Our service will send the renewal notices and further reminders of the payment of your IP rights (patents, trademarks, designs and domains) when renewal fees fall due and pay said renewal fees on time at the Spanish, the regional Offices in our jurisdiction and worldwide.



Drafting of Contracts

Drafting of Contracts

According to the pre-agreed obligations between the parties, we can draft tailor-made contracts or evaluate the terms and conditions of any IP related agreement such as for licensing, joint ventures, distribution, franchise, non-disclosure agreements, consents, etc.


Licensing, Assignments and Changes

Licensing, Assignments and Changes

We manage the transmission of IP rights to duly structure their ownership, such as transfers or assignments to others, change of owner’s name, mergers, and change of address, from filing until the recordal.We are skilled in creating tailored license agreements and can assist our clients, both as licensor and licensee, in any licensing agreement for trademark, patent and designs of manufacturing, distributing, retailing, franchising, among others.


Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets and NDA

We counsel our clients to protect as a trade secret their valuable information not to be publicly disclosed, through the needed secrecy or Non-Disclosure agreements (NDA) before a required disclosure is to be made to someone else.



IP Litigation and Defense

IP Litigation and Defense

We can defend a company or an individual in infringement litigation and arbitration casesin a given conflict through our representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in Spanish and European Courts on patent, trademark and design rights or copyrighted works, including trade secrets, unfair competition and dispute cases by planning the needed legal strategy to follow ensuring the best results. We can also prepare, answer or send cease and desist letters. In contested court proceedings our expertise is invaluable but in some cases we have no further interest in extending a conflict without need. We focus our litigation support on reaching an effective and reasonable settlement as quickly, economically and favorably as possible to our client’s interests.


Translation Services

Translation Services

We conduct technical and legal translations into the most common languages: English, German, French and Spanish. We also offer in-depth revision and correction of any text of technical or legal nature, ensuring that the required appropriate terms and expressions are used in order to avoid deficiencies in the translation that could be reflected as a weakness in the resulting protection or action to be taken, which can also incur in further higher costs.



Jurisdictions all over the world

We can advise, manage and represent fully on patent, trademark and design rights, before the following International and National Offices and Bodies.



The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)International. The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)




European Patent Office (EPO)

Europe. European Patent Office (EPO)





European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)

European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)




Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (SPTO-OEPM)

Spain. Spanish Patent and Trade Mark Office (OEPM)



The Spanish Courts

Spain. The Spanish Courts



Spanish Copyright Offices – Spanish Provincial IP Registers (RTPI)Copyright Office of MadridCopyright Office of Madrid



Spain. Spanish Copyright Offices – Spanish Provincial IP Registers (RTPI)



Worldwide Network of IP Associates

Worldwide Network of IP Associates

Our well-established connection with local IP firms throughout the world is a valuable resource for both Spanish and international clients to protect their IP rights abroad.





We service our clients worldwide from our offices located in the cities of Madrid and Valencia, Spain (European Union)Please do contact us if you are an individual, a company or an overseas IP Attorney Firm and you or your clients require IP protection or assistance in Spain or in Europe. We will be glad to discuss your needs in all IP areas, to advice you and be your agent. Our current fees schedule is available upon request.

Abecsa is an official IP agency and law firm located in Madrid and Valencia, Spain. Practice regulated by the Spanish Association of Industrial Property Agents (COAPI). Registration No. 184 of Attorney (Mr. Alejandro Sanz-Bermell Martínez). SPTO: 0297/6 – EPO – WIPO – EUIPO Association of Professional Representatives No. 33241.

Our partner firm Sanz-Bermell Internacional is member of:

  • ICAV (Association of Lawyers of Valencia),
  • COAPI (Spanish Association of IP Agents),
  • AGESORPI (Association of Spanish Patent and Trademark Attorneys, admitted before international organizations),
  • AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property),
  • COPITI (College of Experts and Industrial Engineers),
  • EPI (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office)


All information exchanged concerning your IP rights or business strategies will be kept in absolute confidentiality, because as registered trademark and patent attorneys as well as lawyers in Spain, any information you disclose to us is legally privileged and confidential, using it strictly for the purpose or service you instruct us to handle in your name.