Intellectual property law and treaties

Global Protection System Treaties.

Each of the following international treaties of which Spain is contracting party, are intended to simplify and reduce the cost of making individual applications or filings in all the signatory countries in which protection is sought for IP rights.


International Classification systems.

These agreements are intended to classify and organize information concerning inventions, trademarks and industrial designs into indexed, manageable structures for easy retrieval.



OEPM. For the Protection of Patents and Utility Models in Spain

Historical Versions:


International Conventions and Treaties for Inventions


Regional Offices



OEPM. For the Registration of Trademarks and Tradenames in Spain


EUIPO. For European Union Trade Mark Registration


 Other Regional Offices for Trademark Registration


International Conventions and Treaties for Trademark Registration



OEPM. For the registration of designs in Spain


EUIPO. For the Registration of Community Designs in the European Union


Other Regional Offices for Designs


International Conventions and Treaties for the Registration of Designs



Copyright Office. Spain