Copyright Registration of your Work

Register and protect your work from plagiarism thanks to copyright registration

These kinds of intellectual property rights confer exclusive rights to authors or creators of an original work. Copyright is automatically protected when the work is created, and Spain, like most countries party to the Berne Convention (170+ states), do not require copyright registration or other formalities in order to enjoy protection, which means that their works can be distributed without fear of unauthorized copying or piracy acts. However, copyright registration does offer many key benefits, such as proof of authorship and ownership. Copyrights or author’s rights protect all sorts of creative, artistic and scientific works applying to literary texts, musical compositions, media broadcasts, software, websites, drawings and photography and sui generis rights for databases against unauthorised copying and of certain other uses.

Copyright is every day present in our lives; when you read a book or the newspaper, watch a film or the news on TV, listen to music, take a photo, create a website, etc. Copyright law encourages the creation of art and culture by rewarding authors with established exclusive rights.

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  • Copyrighting your works in Spain.
  • Revising the requirements and/or amending the application of your work before copyright registration is applied for.
  • Taking legal action against another person or company who is trading or exploiting your work in Spain without your consent.
  • Defending you to a copyright infringement action or lawsuit with the Spanish Court.
  • Licensing the use of your work or selling your copyright ensuring the correct assignment to other person or company.
  • Protecting your know-how and trade secrets.



The characteristics of your work should not be disclosed until you copyright it, unless you have made a relevant disclosure or have an evident proof of authorship of your creation. However, you can safely discuss it with us, since as registered IP attorneys and lawyers, any information you disclose to us is legally privileged and confidential, using it strictly for the purpose or needed service we are instructed to handle in your name.