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International Trademark Registration (Madrid System)

International Trademark Registration (WIPO)

Register your Trademark Internationally

The Madrid System facilitates the filing and protection by a single International Trademark Registration request (IR), covering a large number of industrialized countries around the world, currently up to 100 states, including Spain and the whole European Union, being much more cost-effective than seeking protection separately in each individual country. It is a centralised system for obtaining trademark registration in multiple national Offices which you designate, just based on a single basic trademark application or registration in the Office of Origin, either national (a Spanish Trademark or in any other country party to the Madrid System) or with the regional office EUIPO (a European Union Trade Mark).

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)The registration of International Trademarks is managed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), based in Geneva, Switzerland and the Madrid System is governed by the two following treaties:

The Madrid Agreement

For countries which signed only the Agreement, which are a small minority of countries requiring definitive registration of your trademark in your country of origin. These countries may be chosen by paying a very attractive and flat designation fee (a supplementary or complementary fee).

The Madrid Protocol

For contracting parties which signed the Protocol, being the majority, would just require that your trademark application is filed in your Office of origin, if it has not been registered yet. These states or regions may be covered by paying a different individual designation fee, although reasonable, which is determined by the Office in question.


List of countries that ratified the Madrid Agreement and Protocol, which can be designated by an International Trademark (continuously growing).

Status on October 06, 2021

National/Regional Office. (Total 108) Continent State Party to the Agreement (55) and/or Protocol (108)
OA (OAPI) African Intellectual Property Organization Africa-OA (P)
OA-BJ Benin Africa-OA (0)
OA-BF Burkina Faso Africa-OA (0)
OA-CF Central African Republic Africa-OA (0)
OA-TD Chad Africa-OA (0)
OA-CG Congo, Dem. Rep. of the Africa-OA (0)
OA-KM Comoros Africa-OA (0)
OA-CI Côte d’Ivoire – Ivory Coast Africa-OA (0)
OA-CM Cameroon Africa-OA (0)
OA-GA Gabon Africa-OA (0)
OA-GN Guinea Africa-OA (0)
OA-GQ Equatorial Guinea Africa-OA (0)
OA-GW Guinea-Bissau Africa-OA (0)
OA-ML Mali Africa-OA (0)
OA-MR Mauritania Africa-OA (0)
OA-NE Niger Africa-OA (0)
OA-SN Senegal Africa-OA (0)
OA-TG Togo Africa-OA (0)
BW Botswana Africa (P)
DZ Algeria Africa (A+P)
EG Egypt Africa (A+P)
GH Ghana Africa (P)
GM Gambia Africa (P)
KE Kenya Africa (A+P)
LR Liberia Africa (A+P)
LS Lesotho Africa (A+P)
MA Morocco Africa (A+P)
MG Madagascar Africa (P)
MW Malawi Africa (P)
MZ Mozambique Africa (A+P)
NA Namibia Africa (A+P)
RW Rwanda Africa (P)
SD Sudan Africa (A+P)
SL Sierra Leone Africa (A+P)
SZ Swaziland Africa (A+P)
TN Tunisia Africa (P)
ZM Zambia Africa (P)
ZW Zimbabwe Africa (P)
AG Antigua and Barbuda America, Central (P)
BR Brazil


America South (P)
CA Canada


America, North (P)
CO Colombia America South (P)
CU Cuba America (A+P)
MX Mexico America, North (P)
ST Sao Tome and Principe America, Central (P)
TT Trinidad and Tobago America, Central (P)
US United States of America America, North (P)
AE United Arab Emirates (on December 28, 2021) Asia, Middle East (P)
AF Afghanistan Asia, M.East (P)
AM Armenia Asia (A+P)
AZ Azerbaijan Asia (A+P)
BH Bahrain Asia, M.East (P)
BNBrunei Darussalam Asia (P)
BT Bhutan Asia (A+P)
CN China (Does not include Hong Kong or Macao) Asia (A+P)
GE Georgia Asia (P)
ID Indonesia Asia (P)
IL Israel Asia, M.East (P)
IN India Asia (P)
IR Iran (Islamic Republic of) Asia, M.East (A+P)
JP Japan Asia (P)
KG Kyrgyzstan Asia (A+P)
KH Cambodia Asia (P)
KP Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Asia (A+P)
KR Republic of Korea Asia (P)
KZ Kazakhstan Asia (A+P)
LA Lao People’s Democratic Republic Asia (P)
MN Mongolia Asia (A+P)
MY Malaysia (on 27/12/2019)


Asia (P)
OM Oman Asia, M.East (P)
PH Philippines Asia (P)
PK Pakistan Asia (P)
SG Singapore Asia (P)
SY Syrian Arab Republic Asia, M.East (P)
TH Thailand Asia (P)
TJ Tajikistan Asia (A+P)
TM Turkmenistan Asia (P)
TR Turkey Asia, M.East (P)
UZ Uzbekistan Asia (P)
VN VietNam Asia (A+P)
EUTM (EUIPO) European Union Trade Mark EU (P)
EUTM-AT Austria EU (A+P)
EUTM-BE Belgium (Benelux) EU (A+P)
EUTM-BG Bulgaria EU (A+P)
EUTM-CY Cyprus EU (A+P)
EUTM-CZ Czech Republic EU (A+P)
EUTM-DE Germany EU (A+P)
EUTM-DK Denmark (Includes GL Greenland and FO the Faroe Islands) EU (P)
EUTM-EE Estonia EU (P)
EUTM-ES Spain EU (A+P)
EUTM-FI Finland EU (P)
EUTM-FR France (Includes all Overseas Departments and Territories) EU (A+P)
EUTM-GB United Kingdom (Includes IM the Isle of Man) EU (P)
EUTM-GR Greece EU (P)
EUTM-HR Croatia EU (A+P)
EUTM-HU Hungary EU (A+P)
EUTM-IE Ireland EU (P)
EUTM-IT Italy EU (A+P)
EUTM-LT Lithuania EU (P)
EUTM-LU Luxembourg (Benelux) EU (A+P)
EUTM-LV Latvia EU (A+P)
EUTM-MT Malta EU (0)
EUTM-NL Netherlands (Benelux) EU (A+P)
EUTM-PL Poland EU (A+P)
EUTM-PT Portugal EU (A+P)
EUTM-RO Romania EU (A+P)
EUTM-SE Sweden EU (P)
EUTM-SI Slovenia EU (A+P)
EUTM-SK Slovakia EU (A+P)
AL Albania Europe (A+P)
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe (A+P)
BY Belarus Europe (A+P)
CH Switzerland Europe (A+P)
IS Iceland Europe (P)
LI Liechtenstein Europe (A+P)
MC Monaco Europe (A+P)
MD Republic of Moldova Europe (A+P)
ME Montenegro Europe (A+P)
MK Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of) Europe (A+P)
NO Norway Europe (P)
RS Serbia Europe (A+P)
RU Russian Federation Europe (A+P)
SM San Marino Europe (A+P)
UA Ukraine Europe (A+P)
AU Australia Oceania (P)
NZ New Zealand Oceania (P)
WS Samoa Oceania (P)

This system cannot be used to protect a mark in a country outside the Madrid Union.


Countries which are not party to the Madrid Union (where you must seek trademark protection in each, individually).


Countries/National Offices which must be protected separately Continent
AO Angola Africa
BI Burundi Africa
CV Cape Verde Africa
DJ Djibouti Africa
EH Western Sahara Africa
ER Eritrea Africa
ET Ethiopia Africa
LY Libya Africa
MU Mauritius Africa
NG Nigeria Africa
SC Seychelles Africa
TZ Tanzania Africa
UG Uganda Africa
ZA South Africa Africa
AI Anguilla America, Central
AW Aruba America, Central
BB Barbados America, Central
BM Bermuda America, Central
BS Bahamas America, Central
BZ Belize America, Central
CR Costa Rica America, Central
CW Curaçao America, Central
DM Dominica America, Central
DO Dominican Republic America, Central
GD Grenada America, Central
GT Guatemala America, Central
HN Honduras America, Central
HT Haiti America, Central
JM Jamaica America, Central
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis America, Central
KY Cayman Island America, Central
LC Saint Lucia America, Central
MS Montserrat America, Central
NI Nicaragua America, Central
PA Panama America, Central
SV El Salvador America, Central
SX Sint Maarten America, Central
TC Turks and Caicos America, Central
VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines America, Central
VG British Virgin Islands (UK) America, Central
AR Argentina America, South
BO Bolivia America, South
CL Chile America, South
EC Ecuador America, South
FK Falkland Islands America, South
GY Guyana America, South
PE Peru America, South
PY Paraguay America, South
SR Suriname America, South
UY Uruguay America, South
VE Venezuela America, South
BD Bangladesh Asia
HK Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China Asia
LK Sri Lanka Asia
MM Myanmar Asia
MO Macao Asia
MV Maldives Asia
NP Nepal Asia
TW Taiwan, Province of China Asia
IQ Iraq Asia, Middle East
JO Jordan Asia, Middle EPH
KW Kuwait Asia, Middle East
LB Lebanon Asia, Middle East
QA Qatar Asia, Middle East
SA Saudi Arabia Asia, Middle East
YE Yemen Asia, Middle East
AD Andorra Europe
JE Jersey Europe
FJ Fiji Oceania
MP Northern Mariana Islands Oceania
PG Papua New Guinea Oceania
TO Tonga Oceania


Main points of International Trademark Registrations

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How Abecsa Can Help You

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International Registrations Designating the European Union or Spain

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Main Procedural Phases of an International Trademark Registration Using the Madrid System

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General Information about International Trademarks

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Information and Requirements to File an International Trademark Registration:

  • The full name and address of the applicant(s)-holder(s).
  • The nationality or country of establishment of the applicant(s)-holder(s).
  • Spanish or European VAT Number (NIF/NIE), only if the applicant is Spanish or established in a country of the EU.
  • Full details of the basic trademark registration or application (national or regional) on which the IR will be based.
  • List of the countries you would like to designate from the Madrid System.
  • Nice classes to be applied for which were formerly included in your basic mark (45 classes of goods and services).
  • The details of the application on which Convention Priority is to be claimed, if appropriate, within 6 months from first application date, along with the Certificate of Priority.
  • Your instructions on how we should proceed and approval of the likely costs.
  • Your payment by bank transfer within 20 days from application and invoice date.
  • A POA signed by the applicant(s)-holder(s), where no legalisation is required.


Contact us

Via our contact form and make a list of the countries you would likely designate so we can examine your case and provide you with the estimated costs or if you need adviceon any other International trademark issues such as:

  • Registering your trademark by designating multiple countries party to the Madrid System or extending an IR to other countries by a subsequent designation, or looking for the associated trademark searching and trademark watching services.
  • Seeking our Attorney’s representation and appointment in the Spanish or European part of your International trademark registration.
  • Opposing an International Trademark Registration applied for by others.
  • Defending your challenged or objected IR in a given designated country from ex officio objections, oppositions, appeals or cancellation actions.
  • Enforcing action against another person or company is using your trade mark in some countries of the Madrid System without your consent.
  • Renewing your International Registration for an additional 10 year period.
  • Licensing your IR in some states or assigning the International trademark to other.



It would be advisable that you do not disclose your trademark protection plans to avoid others registering it before you. However, you can safely discuss them with us, because as registered patent attorneys and lawyers, any information you disclose to us is legally privileged and confidential, using it strictly for the purpose or needed service we are instructed to handle in your name.